Oxford Library 700 Conference
16-18 September 2020

Bodleian Libraries

About the Conference

2020 marks the 700th anniversary of the decision to build the first purpose-built central library for the University of Oxford. In 1320 Adam de Brome, the Rector of St Mary’s Church began the construction of a building to house a new library for the use of students in the University, at the expense of Thomas de Cobham, Bishop of Worcester. The new building was also to house a gift of his books, which were to be chained, and made available to students. Since then the central University library has gone through an amazing history of growth, reduction, attack and renewal, especially through the re-founding of the library in 1602 by Sir Thomas Bodley. Today the Bodleian Libraries embrace all the centrally-funded libraries of the University, with physical collections well in excess of 13 million volumes, and with digital collections and services of great size and scope. The Bodleian Libraries serve the academic community of the University of Oxford, and since its refounding by Sir Thomas Bodley, also serves the international community of scholarship.

The 700th anniversary gives an opportunity to reflect on the role that libraries have played and continue to play in society. The conference will therefore consider the past, present and future of libraries in this broad context and will gather academics from relevant disciplines, leading practitioners from the world of libraries and archives, and specialists from the world of media, science, and communication to discuss and debate the place of libraries.

Frequently asked questions

How do I view sessions?
The meeting will be streamed live through this site. Please login and you will automatically be redirected to the live stream at 2pm BST.
Do I need to download any software?
This meeting will be streamed using some of the latest technology to make it as simple as possible for you to watch. All you need is the latest version of your web browser installed. We also recommend using a browser other than Internet Explorer – such as Chrome - as older versions are no longer supported.
What do I need to view?
To view the live stream you will need an internet enabled device such as a PC, Laptop, Mac or Tablet. The bigger the screen the better so we don’t recommend using your mobile phone to view. You will also need headphones or speakers connected so you can hear the sound and perhaps a glass or mug of something (optional).
At what time zone will the Conference convene?
The Conference will run from 14:00-18:00 British Summer Time (BST). To check what time it will be for you visit https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/
Where is it being held?
The live session is 'virtual’ and being hosted online – in fact, right here on this site.
What do I do if I have problems?
Please double check that you are using Google Chrome, if the issue persists please disconnect from your VPN connection. In the unlikely event that you are still experiencing issues you can contact technical support here. Try to be as descriptive as possible with the problem you are having so they can help you as efficiently as possible.